Veterinary certification of your puppy for sale health care records.

Trusted by thousands of pet owners - We are "Pet Identity UK" 

    SEEN a PUPPY advertised online? TRUST PUP (HPI) check today

    Puppy for sale websites put owners at risk


    There are many websites advertising puppies for sale in the UK and all put owners at risk from false advertising practice. Trust Us we know from our experience who to doubt?

    Puppies advertised online must be checked


    TRUST PUP (HPI) has taken 2 years to develop and is the only secure veterinary certified way to buy a forever loving puppy advertised anyware online today.. 

    BBC Rip Off Britain highlights the problems


    BBC Rip Off Britain today (17/05/2019)

    problems when buying a puppy from all main stream puppy for sale websites.

    Beware of every advertised puppy listed.

    Trust Pup (HPI) can save you heartache


     We have seen many families devastated by unscrupulous breeders false puppy information advertising. They do not care? BUT WE SURE DO.

    Trust Pup (HPI) is administrated experts


    Trust Pup (HPI) has been developed by leading animal welfare and ex veterinary directorate experts. We direct, and we really care about all pet's and their owners.

    Trust Pup (HPI) published in the Vet Times


    For the first time in the industry, Trust Pup, launched by Pet Identity UK, allows the digital recording of every puppy sold within the UK to be certified by vet professionals. 

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    Trust Pup Pet Identity UK

    "We are with you and your pet for a lifetime"

    With Pet Identity UK Trust Pup (HPI) your pet's health care is digitally recorded from birth.




    You would not buy a car before checks? so your new puppy check should be more meticulous.


    HPI (Health, Parentage, Insurance) these key factors are essential in making sure your puppy is healthy, the breeder is responsible and compliant and that you understand the terms of the limited time free insurance that covers your pet as activated for you by your breeder or veterinary surgery.

    With the average cost of a new puppy  purchase anywhere between £800 and £2,500  it is a market place that has attracted many unscrupulous ethics and misleading selling traps that many new puppy owners fall fowl off. 

    Trust Pup Is here to help you make the right choice of the right breeder and the right puppy member for your family without the heartache. We see time and time again new owners commit and deposit monies for pet's that they long for, only to be left heartbroken, distressed by unscrupulous breeders who falsify advertised information on various pet selling websites and social forums in order to gain trust.

    When you request a new Trust Pup search you will be given a UK pet owner lifetime code that will allow you to benefit from many exclusive support services that will help you throughout the lifetime of your chosen new furever friend. 

    Trust Pup is administrated by Pet Identity UK a leading pet care group directed by ex veterinary directorates with a wealth of pet care and health care expertise. What's more important is that we are all pet lovers through and through.


    Trust Pup Certified With Vet-Check

    * Vet Health Examination Check

    * Vaccination History Date Check

    * Puppy Breeder Registration Check

    * Microchip Registration Data Check

    * Activated Pet Insurance Verification

    Your puppy pet identity check

    Vet-Check ( Digital Veterinary Record Verification)

    Vet-Check is the only digital veterinary authentification system. Recording your puppies health medical history.

    A certificate of "TRUST" - 100% certification record.

    The certificate is authenticated and sent direct to the Trust Pup customers via our L.E.A.D data systems.

    (HPI) Health, Parentage & Insurance Checks

    The Trust Pup (HPI) allows for admission of veterinary healthcare, breeder and pet insurance evidence. All dog breeders offering a puppy for sale on online puppies websites can now be fully certified by Trust Pup (HPI).


    multiple - Trust Pup Certificate order request


    Trust Pup (HPI) Single certificate request.

    Order your "single" Trust Pup (HPI) certificate today!


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    Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

    Your Trust Pup certificate will be sent by electronic e-mail and also by recorded first class post. Available to all UK pet owners and breeders. For further information call our caring Trust Pup (HPI) team - 0800 9751960

    trusted by thousands of pet owners

    All we know is pet's


    Veterinary support for all uk pet's


    Trust Pup (HPI) - LEAD & PREDICT have been built to support all veterinary care institutions

    Since 2015 we have been working on systems and processes to assist all veterinary practices and pet owners in the UK to digitally record and request certified veterinary medical history. Today your surgery and pet owners can now join an industry leading national system -LEAD.

    Fully recorded veterinary history disclosure in real time within your consult room.

    When ever a pet visits any UK veterinary surgery a simple data footprint log is recorded into the live LEAD Vet-Check system. This will record the pet details, the surgery details and the exact time and date of consultation digitally.

    Online digital vaccination health cards for each individual pet

    From the first vaccination the system creates a veterinary Med-E-Card online. The card can be accessed by the pet owner via their secure porthole login. All vets can now record all vaccination records digitally, include a simple treatment plan, outline the consultation vet notes and remind all pet owners of any prescribed medication instructions.

    One click veterinary history request

    When a puppy or pet relocates to their new chosen vets, a simple request can be made via the system to request any historical veterinary history direct from the previous vets registered. A simple one click Transfer Surgery icon will alert and request the history and will validate the new surgery details as the current presiding new veterinary practice.. 

    Live pet insurance policy check available*

    The system has the capacity to upload live insurance policy details direct to the consult room and allow for proposed insurance treatment plan and estimate to be validated by the vet-direct to the policy holder and the insurance underwriter. All claims are fully digital with no paperwork for either parties to fill out. Quick, Simple and Efficient.. *(Live insurance feed is only available from insurance partners who have PREDICT-LINK). None Predict-Link pet insurance details will only display the registered pet insurance company and policy number.

    Join us and receive a full support service for your surgery

    Surgeries who join us benefit from a dedicated team of professionals who understand that the products and services we supply are an extension of your surgery practice standards. Rewarding your surgery is just the start of everything we do for you and your pet owners alike. Call  0800 9751960 to register your surgery Trust Pup certification today.

    PREDICT - Pet Identity Insurance Policy card and vet-E-Card

    TRUST PUP is linked to PREDICT our digital veterinary look up center that has been developed to help all vets and pet owners in recording and administrating  continued live pet health care communication and digital pet medical records.

    "PREDICT" your pet's future health care all in one place.

    Launching November 2019

    Puppy Dogs for sale website

    Prepared by experts and trusted by thousands of pet owners and breeders PUPPY DOGS the only trusted place to buy a puppy.

    All puppy medical history verified

    Vet-Check is an exclusive partner to Puppy Dogs and is the only digital verification veterinary system building a virtual pet medical history record from birth.

    We control the advertisement and content

    Unlike all other pet for sales websites Puppy Dogs certify the information and publish the adverts. We have the leading UK puppy for sale website service you can trust.

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    Please be a caring and responsible new puppy owner for everyone.

    So reach out to research your furever new puppy friend's history today.


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    Telephone: 0800 9751960

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